Cryptopia Gets Hacked for a second time in 15 days!!!


With the first hack 15 days ago there was some big worries that Cryptopia was now compromised and that thousands of wallet where still at risk. Well every ones worst fears where realised when another breach took place where 


17k Cryptopia wallets were drained of 1,675 ETH


Most thought that the worst was over after $16 million of funds where siphoned off. However the hack was back in action today where the Cryptopia hacker started up again today, siphoning an additional 1,675 ETH (worth about $180k at today's market rates) from an another 17k Cryptopia wallets.

Among the wallets affected are the 1,948 at-risk wallets  some of which have continued to accrue funds as recently as today. The list also includes over 5,000 wallets that had already been drained in the original hack, but have since been topped up, presumably by unknowing Cryptopia users.

The funds began moving today at  6:59 AM this morning (Monday, 28-Jan) and continued throughout the day, accumulating in this Ethereum address:

0x3b46c790ff408e987928169bd1904b6d71c00305 Check Here

Could this be Cryptopia securing their remaining funds, Is this an inside job or a disgruntled employee? 

At  9:50 PM this evening, it became very clear that it  was the same hacker. At that time, the incoming transfers had stopped and the funds were moved into the address below, the same wallet that currently stores the other stolen Cryptopia funds.

0xaa923cd02364bb8a4c3d6f894178d2e12231655c Check Here


Though Cryptopia still hasn’t released any details about the hack or even made a statement to the community. As a holder myself I have lost confidence in the platform and all eyes are on Cryptopia while we all await details about the stolen funds and waiting to find out if your affected or not. 

As we stand until the hackers are caught, they will remain in control of the wallets and will drain funds at any given opportunity. 

Unaware users are still depositing funds not realising that the site is still not secure and that funds are still be siphoned off. In just the two hours since this hack took place, many of the very same Ethereum wallets that were just hacked have already been topped up with more ether.

It seems a lot of the funds are coming from mining pools, which has been set up as a direct debit if you will. I have the same set with antpool but to a separate wallet and are on auto pilot and constantly being deposited and topping up funds. 


Posted 29 Jan 2019
By James