Alleged Tax Fraud, U.S. Presidential Candidate John McAfee Flees the Country

First we had Ronaldo try to dodge the tax system and now founder of infamous cybersecurity firm McAfee securities and cryptocurrency proponent - John McAfee announced fleeing the country after engaging in a fight with the U.S. internal Revenue Services (IRS). 


On Tuesday, January 22,McAfee posted a video on his official Twitter handle watch here said that he’s currently “living in exile” after the Tennessee court officials charged him for “using cryptocurrencies in criminal acts”. John McAfee was running for the U.S. Presidential Candidacy, for 2020. He said that his wife and four other members of his presidential campaign “unspecified charges of a felonious nature”. 


While sitting on his boat, McAfee says “I have not paid taxes for 8 years and I have made no secret of it”. 


Refusing to Pay Taxes to the IRS


 John McAfee has remained at the middle of the controversy on the cryptocurrency tax-related matters. McAfee has blatantly expressed his support for cryptocurrencies and has been talking about it almost every day. And why wouldnt he when he was demanding $200k a time to big up a coin its easy money. 


In the recently released twitter Video McAfee makes reference to his previous stand of refusing to pay taxes to the government. McAfee made these comments in the first of January 2019 addressing his just under 1 million Twitter followers. 


McAfee called the cryptocurrency taxation system as illegal while adding that he’s “paid tens of millions already and received jack shit in services.” He added:

“I’m challenging the agency responsible for fueling our Government’s madness — the IRS. The IRS will not sit idly by. I know this. But I have prepared my entire life for this battle”. 


McAfee also said that he will continue to be on the run and release campaign videos every day. He says that he cannot be charged by the tax agency while he’s on the run. McAfee told all of his Twitter followers that cryptocurrency, especially the privacy coins will continue to circumvent the state authorities. In a concluding address, McAfee said:


“Cryptocurrencies is one of these technologies and probably the most dramatic to have occurred in human history since the invention of fire — Because cryptocurrencies free the individual from the yoke of currency controlled by governments. Governments will not be able to collect taxes when everyone is using privacy coins.” 


Posted 23 Jan 2019
By James