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Cryptopia Gets Hacked and potentially an Exit Scam

15 Jan 2019

On Tuesday, Cryptopia got the dubious reputation of being the first exchange hacked in 2019.

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Waves' Decentralized Exchange Got Hacked

26 Jul 2018

When a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange supports fiat tokens and courts banks, yet makes customer identification optional, all bets are off.

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HSBC's Global Head Of Digital Says The Bank Is looking inCrypto Use Cases

25 Jul 2018

Big banks have not been a big fan of crypto.

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Coinbase CEO beats Rihanna in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 List

20 Jul 2018

The cryptocurrency industry is now having a huge impact on contemporary culture, gaining recognition not only as a part of the financial industry but as a considerable cultural and economic force in its own right.

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Wall Street Exec Mike Novogratz: Crypto, Blockchain Mass Adoption Is ‘5 to 6 Years Away’

20 Jul 2018

Former Wall Street executive Mike Novogratz has recently predicted that mass adoption of crypto and blockchain is “still five to six years away,” Blokt blockchain and tech news outlet reports July 19.

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BlackRock looks into crypto and blockchain

17 Jul 2018

  Bitcoin jumped as BlackRock sets up a working group to look into cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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Coinbase Custody is Officially Open For Business

06 Jul 2018

Last week, Coinbase Custody accepted its first deposit.

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