AI made to help cryptocurrency investors

Daneel Assistant provides unchallenged news curation and market emotions analyses through an A.I. assistant, which understands natural language. It is powered by the reference of the market in the fields of natural language and emotion analysis: Watson, designed by IBM (IBM PartnerWorld international contract number: C5C955F4F18F5A56). Our solution is available on a mobile phone and a desktop version. Some of the features that Daneel provides: - Get prices, reliable news, and insight instantly on one page: you no longer need to visit several websites to determine if you can trust a source. - Ask the A.I. questions and retrieve the information you are searching for with ease: save time by requesting a full report on a currency, trending articles, or information about an ICO — all in one app. - Discover insights and predictions made by our system: this feature will help you discover new projects, evaluate your investment and manage risk.

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