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What are Airdrops

16 Sep 2018

Airdrops are a popular way to market an ICOs via sending you some of their tokens for free.

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The Definition of Cryptocurrency

14 Sep 2018

A concept now 10 years old, Cryptocurrency is a still a volatile subject today.  It has matured in quite an eventful way, all starting from Bitcoin in 2008 after the global recession.  Bitcoin was the first system to introduce the blockchain and it has spread like wildfire!

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What is the True Driving Force Behind the Crypto Bull Market?

11 Sep 2018

Although many feel Cryptocurrency is in a bad place right now, if we view the market long-term, it is still in good shape with a fairly bullish argument.  However the true driving force behind cryptocurrency is not what the charts tell us, or where the support and resistance levels are, but instead it is blockchain technology.  Blockchain technology will be the driving force that will launch cryptocurrencies to significantly higher prices over the next decade.  If we explore the blockchain by placing it in similar context to other disruptive and revolutionary charges throughout history, such as the Industrial Revolution, Technological Revolution Digital Revolution and the Information Age, we are in the early phases of the Information Age, a subset of the Digital Revolution.

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Overview of how the ICO Market is Performing H2 2018

27 Aug 2018

2018 has again been a big year for ICO’s.

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FREE Crypto Currency Training Course

09 Aug 2018

ICO Discount Club is proud to bring to you a FREE Crypto Currency Training Course.

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How to Invest in an ICO

06 Aug 2018

Introduction The hottest craze for the last year has been Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), some of the gains investors have made have been astronomical.

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