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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Investment

ICO Discount Club gives you access to exclusive offers on our partnered ICOs. Whether this is your first Initial Coin Offering investment or you are a seasoned investor in Cryptocoin and Blockchain technology, you can expect to see a minimum of 5% extra discount on the advertised ICO rate when you invest through us .

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Zero Carbon Project

Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

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Sovren Exchange
Agent Mile

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Real Estate Developments & Dividends


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Lynking World Through Blockchain


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Blockchain Investment Banking


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Coin for the Global Digital Startup Ecosystem


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Eternal Trusts

Fiduciary Services for the Crypto World


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Data Blockchain

Merging Big Data, AI And Blockchain


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ICO 2.0 Platform and Blockchain Protocol

5% Additional Discount

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Decentralized Supply Chain Platform

Main Sale 5% Extra to LaneAxis website

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