Decentralized Supply Chain Platform

laneaxis is out to change the world. yes, that’s a big statement, but it’s not hyperbole. research suggests the global logistics market will reach $15 trillion by 2023 – yet this behemoth industry remains fraught with massive and costly inefficiencies.

the time has come for a fundamental shift in the way organizations approach
logistics management. the laneaxis Blockchain platform will emerge as a powerful

and game-changing solution.

laneaxis Virtual Freight Management, the foundational software of the laneaxis system, was born over a decade

ago, predicated on the belief that the transportation and logistics industries had lagged far behind the

technological curve. this resulted in fragmented, outdated and expensive methods for organizing and managing freight

movements from point a to B.

after years of research and development, the laneaxis team unveiled a comprehensive software as a service (saas) based mobile platform giving

shippers, carriers and other vested parties real-time visibility and proactive control over every shipment. all transactional documents are immediately

verified by the blockchain and viewable via the cloud, providing complete transparency and accelerated completion of every shipment. In March, 2017,this proprietary software solution was granted United State Patent no: 9,928,475 for a “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform.”

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